About us

Dial Medicali has specialized in the production and sales of products dedicated to surgical orthopedics and traumatology for more than 20 years.

Our focus is to analyze the practical and surgical needs that orthopedic surgeons face on a daily basis and respond to these needs with new technologies or products. The development of this initiative has sparked interest in the fact that normally available standard products do not always correspond to particular yet practical needs.

Our lines are divided into “production” and “representatives.”



It incorporates all products from our factory dedicated to both the domestic and international market.

PinFix ® is among one of the most recently made products of bone screws, which complete the line of Dial Medicali External Fixators.

The line of External fixators is comprised of a completed series of monolateral Axial Fix ® Fixators (according to Prof. DeBastiani’s theory,) a circular fixator system RRS (following Prof. Ilizarov’s technique) and a rail fixators RailFix ®, that are particularly recommended for bone extensions and removals.


We are agents and representatives of exclusive products of primary businesses in the nation.

Dial Medicali avails its highly specialized personnel, who constantly inform the surgeon on the latest technologies related to our products and those of our representatives to guarantee their application with adequate instructions.

Our R&D is frequently in contact with Key Opinion Leader in order to evaluate the latest practical and methodical approaches and to understand possible developments.